Environmental protection and social skills

We believe that sustainability is the key to long-term development. JNBY offers a platform where people with different perspectives on life come together.

JNBY encourages every employee to engage in a sustainable approach to nature and conscious social development. We believe that thinking fostered in this way brings with it a fascinating commitment to the pursuit of the common goal.

Talent development is an important part of corporate development. A successful organization is necessarily a learning organization. Talent development is JNBY's top priority. JNBY offers employees a broad platform for training on many levels and promotes the sensible use of the available resources. Occupational safety is also a very important aspect. JNBY creates a safe and comfortable working environment for its employees and attaches great importance to the good physical and psychological condition of its employees. Every year JNBY organizes a medical check-up for every employee and offers many lectures on health and nutrition. Various sports and music events are also offered to strengthen cohesion and the feeling of WE.

Design, research and development

Our design team has a lot of creative freedom to follow their artistic visions. JNBY lives the design philosophy of “closeness to nature”

Just Naturally B e Yourself –

and only uses high-quality raw materials, such as GOTS-approved organic cotton and pure wool verified by the Woolmark Company. We use environmentally friendly raw materials such as regenerated terylene from plastic bottles and recycled nylon (polyamide) from old fishing nets. Our unique fabric laboratory develops many unique fabrics, some of them traditionally handcrafted, to permanently make JNBY special with innovative and sustainable fabrics.


To promote natural brand style, JNBY proactively sources sustainably produced fabrics. We address environmental certifications of our suppliers, including the Global Organic Textile Standard, the Bluesign Standard, the Biological Certification Tag for Textiles and the Global Recycling Standards, and reduce energy and water consumption expenses associated with the procurement process. The regenerated nylon ECONYL® is a recycled, high-quality polyamide (nylon) refined from fishing nets and marine waste. This is used in our down jackets and coats. JNBY increasingly focuses on the concept of sustainable development and actively promotes inter-brand cooperation and environmental protection projects, as well as environmental protection activities of each of the group's brands.

JNBY has established a quality control system - from raw material procurement to production and packaging. Strict quality control standards are implemented here. The down content and filling power of the group's down products, which consist of 95% white goose down and 90% white duck down, are well above the established standards.

Relevant measures have also been and are being actively taken to classify and recycle hazardous industrial waste, such as waste fabrics, in order to reduce the waste of resources and increase recycling.


JNBY supports environmental protection and contributes its own efforts to using resources sensibly and responsibly. Many of the group's collected waste and storage materials are reused or sent to recycling systems.
JNBY proactively participated in the Circular World of the Strawberry Music Festival 2019, jointly launched by Modern Sky and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This supported the One Planet Foundation, which works to protect and regenerate the forest.

power consumption

The sensible and sustainable use of water and energy is a central point of our strategy and in the training of our employees. JNBY promotes water conservation at all levels of the group and raises awareness among all employees to save energy where possible. This is supported by many measures in the areas of energy and water. All plastic and paper waste from employees is collected and recycled, which then becomes materials for our production. The use of paper is also an important aspect. The employees are effectively supported through ongoing training in order to achieve a paperless office in the near future.

quality assurance

Each time a new product is developed, the group's internal laboratories test the color fastness, lubricity, pilling, breaking strength, shrinkage and other physical indicators of the raw materials. Before production begins, we also carry out a complete color test of the fabrics and simulate the wearing and washing habits of consumers in order to ensure quality, including after many washes. We also check color fastness and ensure that the products are free of harmful substances (formaldehyde, azo dyes, odor, etc.). Throughout the entire process, the fabric team and quality assurance check compliance with all environmental, social and quality standards.

Cardboard box

We only use cardboard boxes that have at least 99% recycled paper content.