Dear JNBY customer,

Dear Croquis customer,

So that you can enjoy your JNBY / Croquis product for a long time, we will give you important information below on how to clean and care for our products that are filled with down.

Does the down filled product need to be washed?

Only wash the down product if it is really necessary.
It is often enough to air the down product inside out or to remove minor dirt with a cloth or sponge.

Washing in the washing machine

Please wash down products individually and inside out.

● Use suitable detergent/down detergent; NEVER USE FABRIC SOFTENER

● Select a down program or a gentle wash up to a maximum of 30°C.

● Select a low spin speed.

● Shake out the down product vigorously after washing and then put it in the tumble dryer.

Tumble dry

Please dry down products individually.

● Add 3 non-staining tennis balls to the dryer drum;

● These ensure that the down is puffed up while it dries.

● Select a down program or a dryer gentle program with 1 point.

● Then let the down product cool down; Shake out the part every now and then and, if necessary, pull apart any remaining down.

● If the down product is not fluffy enough as desired, please repeat the process.

● Down is a natural product and takes time until it is completely dry and thus regains its full fluffiness.