Croquis is a men's clothing brand under the well-known Hangzhou JNBY Finery Co.,Ltd. It was officially introduced in autumn 2005.
If compositions of life, including work, literature, clothing, food, etc., are what we want in our deep hearts, then we will be spiritually freer. There are new thoughts that we get from striving and also the joy of being satisfied. The Croquis men's clothing also happens to emphasize such a state of balance: inner spirit and outer life, past and future, music and architecture, they are independent, but also influence each other and sublimate each other circularly in the space of time-memory-mood.

As a method of permanent recording, sketch, the fastest painting method that best shows skill, is different from recording by pressing the shutter button. When designing the Croquis men's collection, there are moods of the sketch. Everyday and everyday issues of life
to extract and express or reconstruct the compositional relationship with simple strokes instead of directly depicting, and then incorporate relevant things, concepts, sentimental elements into the overall design relationship in an orderly manner. Men of the new generation with a psychological age between 25 and 35 years old  strive for a high quality  Life. The free spirits have a keen perception and insight into life, design and art. They are likely to accept new things and new thoughts. Men who wear croquis are good at balance. You find the balance between your inner spirit and your outer everyday life. They boast a relatively free spiritual world. You can find your footprint in the libraries, art exhibitions, music gatherings and on hiking trails.