Fall and winter trends 2019/2020

Even when the days get colder, we not only want to be kept cozy and warm, we also want our outfits to be up to date. Here we present the hottest fashion trends of the fall-winter season.

Fall/Winter Trends 2019

Long blazer

Golden October will once again bring us some beautiful sunny days with mild autumn temperatures this year. Long blazers that reach over the hips not only complete the business outfit this fall. The long version of the blazer is now a fashion must-have that belongs in every closet. This trendy piece of clothing is best worn in business style this fall with slim trousers and an elegant blouse. For a casual look you can also combine it with a tight-fitting sweater.

The versatility of the long blazer makes it our favorite piece on not-so-cold autumn-winter days.

Trench coat

If you think the era of trench coats is long gone, you're wrong. As we all know, in fashion everything comes back. This also applies to the trench coat, which protects us from wind and rain on cold, wet days. The narrow-cut coat is particularly suitable for slim, tall women. Whether in trendy earth tones, combined with a classy dress or for bold fashionistas in red patent, the trench coat is the highlight of this season and becomes an absolute statement for fashion-conscious women.

Cowboy boots

Once frowned upon, this footwear can still be found at fashion shows around the world. If you keep up with the times, you won't be able to ignore the trendy cowboy boots this fall. The trendy boots are once again the favorites of fashionistas this season and attract everyone's attention. Whether with a high heel or more casual without a heel, the robust boots are not only suitable for cow hunting on the ranch, but also protect our feet on the rainiest autumn days.

This year, the versatile boot can be combined in an unusual snake pattern, but also in a classic black without causing much fuss. So every woman can find the right shoe that optimizes her wardrobe. A simple black cowboy boot not only goes well with jeans and a checked shirt, but also with an elegant business outfit with a blouse and pleated trousers, but also with a casual leisure look with a knitted dress and vest.

Ponchos in XXL

When it's cold and wet outside, we want to curl up on the sofa and make ourselves comfortable. But if you can't always just stay in your own four walls, you can make yourself comfortable with a trendy oversized poncho. The shoulder straps are coming in the XXL version this fall, giving us enough freedom of movement for everyday life. Made from coarse knits, oversized ponchos keep us nice and warm on cold autumn days and make our outfit absolutely fashionable. The poncho is best combined with slim jeans and a casual sweater.

Brown tones

As colorful as autumn is, the fashion it-pieces on the catwalks are so plain this season. Everywhere you see basics, but also unusual items of clothing in natural earth tones. Whether business trousers in light brown or turtlenecks in hazelnut brown, this color makes our autumn outfit absolutely trendy. Warm brown tones fit perfectly into the autumnal visage and are proof enough of our fashion consciousness. Brown tones are best combined with light beige or white tones. This makes the styling look particularly elegant. However, if you choose tone on tone for your outfit, you can wear white accessories to maintain the natural tone.


This winter, fashion connoisseurs are relying on clothing made from high-quality leather. Whether it's a classic biker jacket in leather or a leather skirt, the natural product is totally on trend this season. High-quality leather looks particularly elegant in autumnal red tones. If you prefer something classic, you can choose black leather, which belongs in every wardrobe anyway.


Every winter, this trend is the favorite of women who get cold easily. Coarse knit sweaters will keep us cozy and warm again this winter. Whether made with a cable knit or with simple knitting patterns, knitwear is popular again this winter season and is a must-have for all cold-sensitive fashionistas.

It's not just the classic knitted sweater that is a popular fashion item that will accompany us to the office, to the Christmas market or for a winter walk in 2019. If you like it varied, combine a casual knitted sweater with jeans, or wear a cozy knitted dress with warm tights and trendy cowboy boots. The range of fashionable knitted clothing is just as varied as the possible combinations.

Check pattern

Once reserved for the Scottish clans, this fashion trend has long since arrived here too. This winter, checked patterns are back up to date and can be found not only on dresses, trousers and tops, but especially on fashionable handbags, shoes and small accessories. However, anyone who has fallen in love with the checked pattern trend should be careful not to overload the outfit. A piece with a checked pattern looks stylish when combined with a plain-colored piece of clothing. The bright checked trousers are also suitable for the office if you combine them with a reserved black sweater and a blazer in a matching color.

Quilted jackets for cold days

This trend is just right for chilblains, because quilted jackets are not only a fashion highlight this winter season, but also keep us nice and warm not only when drinking mulled wine at the Christmas market or while strolling through the city. Thanks to the soft padding, the fashionable quilted jacket keeps us nice and warm even at low temperatures. Figure-hugging models don't make us look too round in the cozy quilted jacket, but rather maintain our silhouette.

Animal prints

To defy the gray days of autumn or the snow-white days of winter, the famous fashion designers relied on wild animal prints this winter. Cozy fashion with wild animal prints such as leopard spots or tiger stripes are the favorites of fashion-loving ladies this year.

Whether it's an XXL sweater with a wild animal print or an extravagant coat with zebra stripes, whatever you like is allowed in the fashion jungle.

Shoulder pads

The shoulder pads are by no means a relic from the 80s. Numerous it-pieces with shoulder pads were presented on the catwalks this season. It's not just the fluffy shoulder areas that are up to date, but also extravagant designs such as pointed ends on the shoulders or shoulder areas with wide flounces.